New trailer in Spanish for ‘Bloodshot’, Vin Diesel’s superhero movie

‘Bloodshot’ is the new film by Vin Diesel based on one of the fashionable genres of recent years in the film industry, that of superheroes. The new film by the American actor will be based on the adventures of ‘Bloodshot’, a comic book character belonging to Valiant Comics and created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. The film will be released in our country on March 13.

Now, as a reason for the imminent premiere next Friday ‘Bad Boys For Life’, the third installment of the police duo formed by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, Sony has decided to show numerous trailers about their upcoming films, among which we have been able to see ‘Bloodshot ‘, which will feature Vin Diesel as the star of the film. The interpreter known for playing the role of Dominic Toretto in the ‘Fast and Furious’ film saga, this time will play Ray Garrison, a man who dies, but is resurrected by an organization called RST through the use of technology .

Ray Garrison once resurrected becomes a superman with unimaginable strength and capable of automatically healing when taking some type of damage. However, the company in charge of resurrecting the protagonist has taken control of Ray’s mind.

The film will be directed by newcomer Dave Wilson, who is premiering in front of a production after having worked in the creation and manufacture of video games, where he has learned to use special effects. It is not surprising that Wilson was chosen to lead the project, as Sony has sold the film “in the spirit of a video game.”

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